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Mission & Vision

The Mission of Playfication Learning is to support you with acquiring the skills, knowledge, and dispositions that allow you to pursue your passion for children and students while creating a secure financial future for yourself and your family.

The Vision. We empower educators like you to pursue your passion and your calling, while generating the income necessary to sustain the lifestyle you deserve.

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Why Edupreneurship might be perfect for you:

Families and you as an educator are the single most influential people in a child’s life. Yet you may experience how your efforts are underrated and your valuable impact is underestimated. This is evidenced by the incongruence between the low wages educators make versus the enormity of the responsibility they carry. Unfortunately, this dichotomy between making enough money to support your own family and pursuing your passion for working with children may have led you to consider leaving the education field.

Imagine connecting to your deepest purpose, and use it to achieve financial, personal, and family success in life. All you need to do is take the steps to apply your training and particular skills you can transfer your abilities to your own profitable business. With an entrepreneur´s creativity and resourcefulness added to your knowledge and skillset we are here for you to succeed as an edupreneur.

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